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Volna Blackburn Southard
born: October 30, 1878 Ohio County, Kentucky

married: Belle Lee Luckett on October 4, 1904

children: Mary Catherine, Ruby Nell & John Blackburn Southard

father: Willis Hickman Southard (1857-1927)
mother: Nancy Mary Hocker (Southard) (1848-1924)

Volna's siblings:
Susan Ellen Southard (Chapman) (1882-1993)
Amelia Burton Southard (1887-1918)

Volna's grandparents:
Brison Madison Southard (1833-90) & Susan Southard (1834-64)
John Blackburn Hocker (1810-97) & Mary Ellen Leach (1804-74)

Volna's great greatparents:
James Madison Southard (1812-90) & Jane Griffin (d: 1878)
Sinclair Southard (1810-80) & Kizaiah Foley (1808-1875 )
Richard Hocker (1781-1821) & Sally Coleman (1782-1850)
William Brooks Leach (1764-1853) & Sarah Elizabeth Barnes (1773-1812)

education: public elementary & high school during winter months plus Hartford College
taught school for two years, then . . . .
Duncan Coal Company weight checkman,
promoted to manager of the Duncan Company Store

member: Odd Fellows

died: February 19, 1923 (colin cancer)

I saw behind me those that were gone, and before me those that are to come.
I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers,
and in front I saw my son, and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond.
And their eyes were my eyes.
"How Green was my Valley" R. Llewellyn
17th Century Southard settlers in the United States:
Constant Southard, age 13, arrived Massachusetts in 1628
Joseph Southard, arrived in Massachusetts in 1683

Volna's widow, Belle Luckett Southard, tending to the cows. "There's no higher calling than animal husbandry, and making things live and grow. We farmers are stewards. Our lot is to tend all of God's good living things, and I say there's nothing finer." Robert Newton Peck, author of  'A Day No Pigs Would Die'.